I worked as a contracted project manager for Miro to combine two of their preexisting features into a single, streamlined user experience following analysis that the separation between the two was confusing and caused unnecessary cognitive overload amongst users. We conducted an extensive competitive analysis, conducted user research and synthesized our results, studied user personas and developed user flows, before ideating and adjusting our solution which culminated in high-fidelity solutions and prototypes.
Product Manager Contract
August 2021 - January 2022

Miro was looking for a fully integrated solution in order to merge two existing features, apps and templates, into a single, streamlined, and intuitive user experience.

Project Scope

Competitive analysis, conducting user research and synthesis, and presenting mid-fidelity solutions prior to a high-fidelity solution and go-to-market strategy.


High-fidelity solution and finalized prototype to be ready for handoff to the development team.


Meet Marketplace

How It Works

An all-in-one place for users to find, access, and combine both apps and templates for ideal usage, accessible through the menu

New Navigation

A new icon with a pop-up when activated shows the user the marketplace, with an oppotunity to expand the user interface to display all available integrations, not just apps or plugins individually.


Introducing Bundles

How It Works

A solution that combines both apps and templates by creating pre-packaged solutions of combinations of each that promote one another.

Lowering Barrier of Entry

These pre-packaged solutions work to provide users with easily accessible solutions that include both apps and templates, and are easily editable.


Featuring Toolkits

How It Works

A solution that lowers the barrier of entry to both templates and apps by providing suggested integrations for new users and providing use cases for each.

Use Cases

Tool Kits can then be used across boards and altered to fit the users’ needs over time as they become more accustomed to the apps and templates they are most familiar with.