I was part of the founding team for StyleAI, a SMB tooling suite that helps SMBs build websites, optimize SEO, and track social engagement in minutes. We have raised over $7.5M at a $25M valuation and have achieved over $500k in ARR. Please reach out to me if interested in hearing more about my work for Style, which includes building their 0->1 brand, design system, product strategy, and all visual materials.
Founding Product
March 2023 - Present

Launching a 0->1 Product

StyleAI's flagship product, Levi, is an AI-powered, no-code web builder. Since, we have expanded to become a unified, compound SMB tooling suite for the entire digital experience. We launched Seona, a SEO-optimization tool, and Astra, a google-ads manager, in beta.

Formulating a Design System

Style's foundational design system and brand visuals across all three products. This included establishing the central brand, typeface, color system, interaction patterns, and iconography with our Head of Front End, Levi.

Rethinking AI-interaction for Use Case Specificity

We started with a NLP interface, where users could freely ask the AI anything, but quickly realized the complexity of this. We changed our mindset and did the dirty work, posing live as the AI ourselves to uncover user requests, finding that over 93% of requests fell under use-case specific buckets. We rebuilt the platform from the ground up with these in mind, launching the magic toolbar, seeing positive user sentiment and halving development timeline.